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I have been knitting for 30+ years.  I stopped knitting in college because I was using cheap yarn and didn't like my finished projects.  After settling in College Station, a friend of mine opened a yarn store in our area and I found a renewed passion for the craft.  I loved the textures and colors and gadgets available to knitters.  After becoming co-owner of the store, I also enjoyed teaching others about yarn related crafts.​  About four years ago, we had to close the store but my enjoyment of teaching didn't wane.  And while I miss the yarns and gadgets, I really miss being around those who are excited to knit.  Whether a beginner or experienced knitter, I'd love to help you with your knitting goals.

Knit Something

Knitting is a craft that has been providing warmth and style for hundreds of years.  And while techniques and materials have changed, the fulfillment hasn't.   
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